Just like our talks we thought we'd keep this snappy:

    • A simple and relaxed evening that's open to anyone interested in the quirkier side of life
    • Four curated speakers have ten minutes to give insightful, informative and informal presentations
    • Each month is as random as it comes, there are no set themes or topics for the evening.  

    Since launching in London in May 2013 over 100 speakers have taken to The Greenwich Series stage. We have heard about the possibility of parallel universes from an astronomer, we've myth busted the Freemasons and had a pirate spook us with local ghost stories, all on one night!

  • Last Month's Speakers

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    Michelle Young

    As the editor of Untapped Cities, Michelle has become something of an expert on New York's quirkier past. She'll be delving into her black book of New York's strangest true stories.

    Tanya Madorsky

    Take a seat in the fast lane as self confessed music trivia extraordinaire Tanya journeys through the Rock & Roll world of touring with legends.

    Greg DeLucia

    Moth StorySLAM winner Greg will be sharing the story of a flawed but loving father doing the best he can to protect and guide his son.

    Dr. Elizabeth Yuko

    Few stories of medicine's past are as bizarre as that of the world's first artificial insemination. It includes an unsuspecting woman, a controversial doctor and a charming looking Med student.


    Elizabeth is a bioethicist and host of Let's Get Ethical.

    George Flickinger

    Only eight Trappist Breweries exist in the world, known in beer circles for their high quality and flavor. 


    George represents Austria's Stift Engelszell brewery and will be talking through the process and what makes them so unique.


    Wether you want to speak at an event, host The Greenwich Series in your city or just say hello,

    you can get in touch: team@thegreenwichseries.com